December is the month of Military Sabre in Espada Negra!

Last week we received a pair of prototype steel sabres from Black Fencer, and last session we took them for some testing.

Overall first impression is excellent, minimum to no edge damage and a joy to handle, making it very close to original infantry sabres of the time. Note that these are meant to simulate british napoleonic sabres, which is something that has been lacking and no smith has been able to mass produce up until now, let alone with the level of precision these ones have. Hence also one of the reason why we have been mostly sparred with synthetics only.

The model close to production should have specs that fall within a standard of the period with overall weight of 710grs, pob of 12/13cms with a curvature of 7cms and blade length of 80cms. More data will be revealed close to the launch, for now take a look at how they behave.