Workshop on the Quetzal Nerd Camp

At 10th of August Espada Negra was present as per invitation on the Quetzal Nerd Camp organised by the Clube de Estrat├ęgia do Seixal for a small workshop on Historical Fencing.

The workshop had the presence of our instructor Rui Ferreira, as well as the two instructors Cristiana Mota and Duarte Loreto who as usual proved to be an invaluable helping hand.

30 were the brave men and women who signed up for an introductory class on Napoleonic British Military Sabre and we ultimately hope you not only enjoyed the workshop but the whole event as well.

You can check out the workshop through this video on Quetzal Nerd Camp’s Facebook.

From our side we have to thank the organisation for the invitation and here’s to more to come!

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