Facebook page reached 1000 likes!

Recently, our page reached 1000 likes and we are very happy to have surpassed this milestone in our history. In appreciation for your support, what better than to let you in on our values represented in our symbol.

The Sword: In the context of Espada Negra, the image of the sword represents the main object of study. The symbolism is not limited to the medieval longsword but is comprehensive to all systems that make up Historical European Martial Arts, from the aforementioned longsword to the weapons and systems that became popular during the Discoveries and Renaissance, to the sabre of the XIX century.

The Laurels: They symbolize the search for knowledge, the study of historical texts, the work of reading and learning. They are the effort to understand the socio-cultural contexts in which combat systems have been developed and implemented.

The Keys: They represent our attitude in relation to each person’s interests of study: freedom of study, the encouragement to share the fruits of this study and openness to new challenges and interpretations.

In short, our central values are the “freedom to study HEMA”. If our club exists at all, it’s with the intent to do research, interpretation and the practice of Hema in an environment of friendship, honesty and frank support. It is the free sharing of knowledge obtained through many hours of study and training. It is the will to contribute as better people, better instructors, and better martial artists.

Thank you all for your support and for having followed us on our mission so far. We can only promise more hard work and even better news for the future.