Iº Encontro Ibérico de Esgrima Medieval

This past weekend Espada Negra was present at the Iº Encontro Ibérico de Esgrima Medieval organized by Gemac Esgrima Medieval.

A well-organized event and tournament where we had the pleasure of meeting old friends as well as making new friends. It was a tonne of fun fencing you all and we hope there will be plenty more chances to fence those we missed.

Our Sabre and Rapier instructor Rui Ferreira came in second place in Sword and Buckler.

And our Dagger and Longsword instructor Michael came in second place in a very fun and light-hearted Archery contest.

Once again we congratulate the organization as well as thank them deeply for the invitation to participate. We applaud Gemac’s posture and mindset of trying to bring the Portuguese HEMA community closer together and anyone with the same spirit can count on our support and our help.

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