I Encontro / Torneio Internacional de Esgrima Histórica 2018

This past Sunday, our Rapier and Sabre instructor Rui fought through to the final to get a second place in rapier at I Encontro / Torneio Internacional de Esgrima Histórica 2018. And event organised by our friends at Esgrima Sadina (through which our instructor is affiliated to the FPE) and had the validation of the Federação Portuguesa de Esgrima.

It was a bit of an historical event as it marks a step forth in a project with the federation and in our instructor’s words, it was a pleasure to not only represent his three clubs (Espada Negra, Esgrima Sadina and Academy of Historical Fencing) but in a way, also his country and colleagues in a hard-fought final against a Spaniard, which sadly he lost to.

Regardless we’re proud of his hard work and dedication. But above all else we’re proud that this event happened the way it did, organised by the right people, the right way, and with the final stamp of the federation and as the saying goes, we believe this will be the start of a beautiful friendship.