Michael Silva

A founding member, Michael started his martial arts journey with Jogo do Pau. A history lover since childhood, he soon became interested in HEMA. He keeps fond memories of the informal practice sessions in parks with his friend Rui and strongly believes that the strong suit of this art is the free exchange of ideas with book and sword in hand. He has been training with GAGSchola since he moved to Geneva where he teaches grappling and Dagger fighting according to the Italian master Fiore dei Liberi. He has been present at several international events and workshops organised in Switzerland where he had the opportunity to learn from renowned instructors. He is also interested in late-sixteenth century Sidesword according to the Italians Giacomo di Grassi and Vincentio Saviolo. Despite not training with us on a regular basis, we consider his work extremely valuable to the growth of the group and deserving of the rank.

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